KNOW Book + Elite Application with global membership

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for Elite Membership Status & KNOW Book Features. To be considered, please complete the entire form and hit “Submit Application”. Additionally, please read the important terms and conditions below. 

All applicants must be a KNOW Global member at the time of application. Upon submission of this application, you will be enrolled into our KNOW Global Basic membership for $45.00 per month. For more information about the KNOW Global Membership, click here

When applying [and if accepted], the information provided in the To Be Featured section will be printed in the KNOW Book.  Revisions to these fields will be allowed only at proofing. 

Upon review and acceptance of your application, we will contact you to schedule your vetting appointment and interview. Following interviews, all applicants will be notified of their status of approval.  If accepted for Elite and/or Book, you will be charged according to the payment option and payment method you enter below. *Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the Elite Membership and KNOW Book. You will not be charged for the upgrade fee without notice of acceptance.

By clicking “Submit Application”, you also agree that you have read and understand and agree to comply with the KNOW Global Membership Agreement and the KNOW Book Featuree Addendum which is available to review and print or download at the link above. If you are interested in community partnerships, please CLICK HERE 

Thank you for applying to become an Elite Member and be featured in the KNOW Book. If you have any questions please contact Sara Mayer at